A listing of our upcoming and past projects and events. Want to work with us on a project? Reach out to us at blackbirdartsorg [at] gmail [dot] com

Workshop and Talk with Ruth Behar
University of Colorado, Boulder
April 6, 2016

In collaboration with the Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture, we supported a workshop and talk with Ruth Behar at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Read our "Wrap-Up" notes here.

Workshop - Ethnographic Writing, 9:30 - 11:30 AM, registration required. 

Public Talk - "Between Two Cubas," 5PM refreshments, 5:15 Talk, 5th Floor Norlin Library. 


Convener: Lara Stein Pardo

Presented by the Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture and Blackbird Arts and Research

Co-sponsored by: Graduate Committee on the Arts and Humanities, Anthropology, Film Studies, University Libraries, English, Latin American Studies Center, Art and Art History, Geography, Sociology, Critical Media Practices, History, Writing and Rhetoric, Ethnic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Whole Foods


Mapping Arts Project
2009 - present

The Mapping Arts Project maps cities through places where artists have lived and worked historically. Each city focuses on a specific time period, and connects artists to places where they lived, worked, or visited through maps, archival photographs and documents, and ethnographic and historical narratives. Cities currently online include: Miami, Florida and Providence, Rhode Island. Cities coming soon include: Nashville, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; and Denver, Colorado. We work with partners in each city to research, develop, and bring the project to life. If you want to partner with us, email

Visit the project online:

Mapping Arts-Miami, Homepage, 2015.

Mapping Arts-Miami, Homepage, 2015.

Miami Art Salon

Miami Art Salon is a project bringing artists together to inspire, provoke, and produce.

The inaugural sessions of Miami Art Salon in 2010 met biweekly from August 17 – October 26, 2010, and had a public event on November 2. The biweekly gatherings were an experiment in active, participatory, organic, spontaneous, collaborative art. Each time we met, different participating artists will brought keywords, ideas, images, movements, sounds, tools, etc., to the group to inspire thought, dialogue, and production.

Miami Art Salon encourages participation by artists working in all media, discipline, and format including, but not limited to, visual artists, sound artists, dancers, poets, writers, and filmmakers working in the Miami area, and is especially interested in artists whose work engages with ideas about the city as a concept and place.

The name and idea for “Miami Art Salon” comes from the general concept of the “salon” which has, throughout history, been a space for people to gather for discussion about wide ranging topics including art and literature. Over time and place the “salon” has transitioned from a way to integrate cultural elites in 18th century Paris to more diverse gatherings such as those of the Harlem Renaissance that energized art and scholarship in the public sphere. One of primary goals of the Miami Art Salon is to encourage an atmosphere for dialogue and exchange about contemporary art practice and growth in artistic skill, craft, concept, and production among artists in the Miami area, or more briefly, to inspire, provoke, and produce.


Miami Art Salon, 2010.

Miami Art Salon, 2010.